★ Can I have a demo account?
Immediately after registration, you get a training account, you can train on it, but you cannot withdraw money from it. You can work both with real and training account at the same time by switching between them.
★ Do I have to sign any documents before I start trading?
You do not have to sign anything. By registering, you agree to the Customer Agreement.
★ Do I need to download specialized software to work?
No, trading is conducted exclusively through the web terminal at our website. You can trade from any PC, all you need is to sign in with your username and password. But first you need to register at the broker's website.
★ Under what conditions does the transaction become profitable?
You make a profit if your forecast is correct. For example, you made an investment to increase the price (opened a deal Up), in this case, profit will be credited to your account if at the time of closing the transaction the asset price is higher than at the opening of the transaction. For downside investments, the opposite is true - in order to make the profit, the price must be lower the purchase level by the time the option expires.
★ How to contact a support?
You can ask questions and make suggestions by using our email help@starsbinary.com, or via online chat. During the weekday, you will get the answer in 24 hours.
★ How to register?
All you need to do is to fill out a simple registration form on the main page of our site.
★ Do I need to make any deposits in order to register?
No, registration is absolutely free. The account will need replenishment only when you decide to start trading on a real account, until then you can train on a demo account.
★ What deposit methods are available?
Stars Binary enables its customers to make a deposit via credit card (VISA/Mastercard), with electronic payment systems QIWI, Yandex.Money, Perfect Money and Payeer.
★ I cannot make a deposit, how to solve this problem?
There can be many reasons for this. To understand yours, please make a request to technical support, you can do it by reporting a problem on help@starsbinary.com or via online chat.
★ What is the minimum Deposit?
We have established a minimum deposit of 10$.
★ What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 20$. Maximum amount has no limits.
★ Is there a fee for making deposit/withdrawal at my account?
We do not charge any fees, as well as fees for the transactions, and cover the fees of payment systems for deposit/withdrawal funds from the trading account for our clients.
★ How fast is withdrawal?
Your application will be processed within 24 hours from the date of request, if it is submitted during the working hours of the Financial Department of the company, as well as if your account is verified according to all the requirements of the company. Working hours of the Financial Department are from 09:00 to 18:00 (GMT+2) on working days. If your request was submitted outside the financial Department's business hours or on weekends, it will be processed at the beginning of the next working day.
★ What is the maximum investment?
According to the rules, the limit for one transaction is 10 000$. However, the number of such transactions is not limited.
★ What is the minimum investment?
The amount of transaction cannot be less than 1$.
★ How to make a deal?
First, you need to choose an asset, expiration period, the amount of investment and determine the direction of the chart. If you make an investment for growth, then click on the Up arrow, if the investment is on the decline, and then click on the image of the down arrow.
★ What is the profit margins?
If the forecast is correct, the profit is up to 92% of the value of the investment.
★ How to monitor open trades?
Trades are displayed on the asset chart.
★ Is it possible to have two accounts at once?
There is no such opportunity. If you want to change your account, you need to block the old one through technical support and create a new one.

The operations offered by this site can only be carried out by adults and fully capable persons. Offered by this site operations with financial instruments can be considered transactions with a high level of risk, and their commission can be very risky. In case of transactions with the offered financial instruments, you may incur substantial losses of funds invested or even completely lose funds in your account. Before making a decision to commence the transactions with financial instruments on this site, you must familiarize yourself with documents presented on this site.


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